Sunday, May 24, 2015

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“Hey You!”  God is calling.  Can you hear him?  He wants your attention.  He wants you to turn to him.  He wants you to hear his call.  This is a call that 17 of us answered.  A call that took us out of the country, out of our homes, away from our families, and certainly out of our comfort zones to have what is for many of us, the most profound and life changing experience of our lives.

On our final night in Haiti, I feel like I need to reflect on our week in general.  It was a beautiful time filled with beautiful people- the children, parents, caregivers, and fellow missionaries (both long and short term) we have met and connected with here in Haiti, and also those on our team that have become like family these past several days. 

While the call to come to Haiti to serve is different for all on our team, we leave united in the sense that we are all changed as we prepare to return home.  We have seen children starving for basic needs, and people with very little… but in many ways they have far more than we do.  They have an unparalleled love for the Lord, regardless of circumstance.  

We have also been witness to hope; the hope that comes when people commit their lives to helping others in need and the hope that is found in the Risen Lord.  We’ve seen children that are loved and cared for, families together and not separated by death or despair, employment opportunities, change.

While I am ready to be with my family again, to hug and love on them, I feel this tug that says… there is too much to do here, more people we can help, more lives we can impact. I think this is a feeling that many of us have.  I don’t know how that plays out for me yet.  I don’t know if this will be my only time in this country.  I do know that in my short time here, I have gained far more from a people that have little give, than I have given to them.  While many of us are “rich” in material things, they are “rich” in the Lord.

There are many thoughts that I have- not all can be articulated here… but if there is one thing that I take from this experience it is what I would want my children to learn, “Some are happy with less than what you have” and “Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of CHRIST!”

All Glory to God. 
 by Holly Bernatz

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